No matter how unfair it might be, first impressions are truly everything. Undoubtedly, a chipped tooth will make an impression and it likely won’t be a good one. Fortunately, if you have a chipped tooth, you can visit a cosmetic dentist to get it fixed easily and inexpensively. Here is some information about your options if you happen to have a chipped tooth.

Dental Cosmetic Bonding

If you want the fastest and most inexpensive option to fix your chipped tooth, you should ask your cosmetic dentist about dental cosmetic bonding. The dental cosmetic bonding process involves the dentist molding and coloring composite filling material to match the shape and color of the original tooth. The cosmetic dentist will then apply the composite filling material to the teeth to fix the chip. An advantage of dental cosmetic bonding is that the dentist will not have to remove much, if any, of the existing tooth surface.

If you still have the chipped-off portion of your tooth, the cosmetic dentist may be able to use bonding to attach it to the chipped tooth seamlessly. However, the chipped-off portion will have to be in good condition. Otherwise, the dentist will likely need to use composite filling material to fix the chipped tooth.

Apply a Veneer

Another option individuals with a chipped tooth have is applying a veneer to hide the chip. The dentist will apply a dental veneer to hide areas of missing tooth. A dental veneer is custom-made and applied to the front of the chipped tooth. In order to properly apply the veneer, the dentist may have to remove some of the surface of the chipped tooth.

Get a Crown

If a large portion of a tooth is chipped, a crown may be the ideal option. The dental crown will fully cover the visible portion of the chipped tooth. Of course, the cosmetic dentist will need to shape the dental crown to make it match the original. Some crowns are made of porcelain while others are made of ceramic.

Getting a chipped tooth fix will improve your appearance and possibly boost your confidence. For more information about how to fix a chipped tooth, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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