Did you know much like a receding hairline, you can have a receding gum line?

While both are typically symptoms or aging, a receding gum line is actually a far greater concern than a receding hairline, at least medically speaking.

A receding hairline may come with some new insecurities or even some regrowth formulas, depending on your level of concern. However, in the end, the receding hairline is primarily cosmetic.

The gum line, on the other hand, carries far more implications. As the gum recedes, more of each affected tooth is exposed. As a result, pockets, also known as gaps, are formed between the tooth and gum. These pockets are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and disease.

Although, gum recession is not uncommon, it can cause pain and tooth loss, when left untreated. These gaps can lead to serious problems such as periodontal disease, a serious gum disease that can destroy the gums and potentially the jawbone.


To avoid painful and long-term issues, one should be on top of the dental hygiene. This might include a well-balanced and healthy diet, checking your mouth regularly and attending dental appointments, avoiding or giving up smoking and brushing regularly but not too aggressively.



Staying away from highly acidic food and drinks, especially sodas and coffee will help prevent gum recession.

Smoking has also been proven to have a direct relationship with, receding gum lines and gum disease.
If you smoke regularly, marinating your oral health is just one more reason to work on quitting.

Dental hygiene/self check

Making sure to have a dental check-up every six months will help keep your teeth healthy. As for self checks, it’s one of the most simple ways to identify gum recession. Individuals experiencing gum recession will notice more of their teeth showing when they smile.

It is important to brush was as the effects of gum recession are irreversible. Experts recommend using an electric toothbrush and making sure to reach all surfaces of the teeth and gum when brushing.

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