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Our small and private office provides adult comprehensive dental , implant, and world class cosmetic dentistry. Through experience and the use of the latest technology our singular focus is to provide patients with the best that dentistry has to offer.

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Who We Are


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March 2020

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I love the fact that everyone is nice and chipper at my very early appointments. Also, Dr. Ghim is always upfront and friendly about what needs done. Always feel I am in best of care when there. Oh yea, they always understand my need for papertowels to keep my sweaty palms dry!

Scott Smith

We moved here 21/2 years ago and Dr Ghim welcomed my wife , daughter, and myself into the practice. I love going there because just walking in the door is calming. Everyone on the staff makes it a point to greet you and make you feel as if you are the most important patient Dr Ghim will see. I have anxiety around dental work and since seeing Dr Ghim that has diminished. Dr Ghim does outstanding work so I lucked out in that we found a great dentist and one I actually no longer lose sleep about appointments. Thank you Dr Ghim and the whole staff for making us part of the family.

Robert Joseph

I have been a patient of Dr. Ghims for 2 1/3 years. Each and every visit has been wonderful. He and his staff are interested in you as a life long patient and work very hard to make you feel comfortable and well taken care of. They walk to through every procedure before, during and after. Let's face it, going to the dentist is not at the top of everyone's list of fun things to do. It's a necessary evil but going to Dr. Ghim's makes it far more palatable than other dentists that I have used!

Pat Vitarelli-Joseph

Who has THE best dentist??? I do, that's who. Before Dr. Ghim, I was a white knuckle patient. I lived in fear of going to the dentist--a complete and total weenie. Sure there are those who SAY they are gentle and compassionate dentists--but, Dr Ghim really and truly is! His staff understands me, too, which a saying A LOT. When i ask them if they know my teeth get nervous, they smile and say, "Yes. It's right here on the chart...Beth's teeth get nervous when she brings them to the dentist." But not any more; I am fearless! I am sad to say, we have had a couple of dental emergencies at my house. (Popcorn kernels? Just say "No!") Dr Ghim took care of us--even though it wasn't during office hours. And he's even answered our calls while on VACATION. (Let the phone ring, when you're on the beach, Steven! Just let it ring.) A few years ago, I moved to South Carolina. I found new doctors, and most of the usual things but I refuse to give up my Dr. Ghim. My husband and I (See--it's not JUST me!) both travel an hour and a half--one way-- just so we can keep going to such a good dentist. Are there dentists where I live? Yes. Are they Dr. Ghim? I don't think so. Thank you Dr. Ghim for being so patient with me and willing to help us no matter what!!! And if you move, I'm coming with you--no matter where it is. Scary, huh?

Beth Woodall , Your Content Goes Here

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