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Dental Implants in Ballantyne

Ideally, you want to keep your teeth for your entire lifetime. However, injury to the mouth, genetics, poor oral habits, and other factors can all cause tooth loss. A dental implant is a modern solution to replace a lost tooth or teeth.

When one or more teeth are badly damaged or missing, a good cosmetic dentist can replace them with a dental implant. An implant involves placing an FDA-approved titanium root form which directly integrates with the jawbone. This foundation connects to a crown, which takes the place of the original tooth. Dental Implants will not break down or decay.

Similar to other cosmetic dental procedures, receiving an implant requires you to have a dental exam and molds and/or images taken of your mouth.

The entire dental implant process can take several months because you need to allow time for bone to heal. Once complete, you’ll have a fantastic looking natural-tooth alternative that can last a lifetime.

Dr. Ghim looks forward to providing your dental implants and improving your smile. Call or email our Ballantyne office today to receive a consultation.

Dental Implants Ballantyne

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