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Dental Implant Crowns That Look and Feel Natural

8th March 2018, 9:24pm EST

Dental implants can replace missing teeth from either the front or back of the mouth. Dental implant crowns can be made from different types of materials. They are made very strongly to withstand the heavy biting forces that our back teeth exert when chewing foods and chewing gum. Front teeth also exert biting forces, and the canine teeth are made for ripping and tearing teeth.

The dental implant itself can vary in color, but typically is a gray/silver color. When a porcelain dental implant crown is attached to the silver dental implant, if not done properly, the crown itself can get a darker hue and result in a darker colored tooth. When a front tooth that is seen when one smiles needs to be replaced, it is very critical that your general dentist uses the best resources to ensure you receive a natural looking dental implant crown.

Your general dentist works in conjunction with an oral surgeon and dental laboratory to ensure your dental implant crown will look and feel natural. Depending on each person’s unique situation, your dentist will use his or her expertise to consult with the proper oral surgeon and pick the best dental implant type and dental implant crown materials. If the tooth you are missing is a front tooth, the best thing to do is to make a consultation appointment with your dentist.

Do a little research on dental implants and come to the appointment prepared with questions to ask your dentist. You will also want to see his or her portfolio of cases similar to yours. Ask to see the before and after pictures of patients that your dentist has restored missing teeth with porcelain dental implants.

Depending on the alignment of your teeth and how your upper and lower jaw meet when you occlude or bite your teeth together, it may also be necessary to involve an orthodontist. If your dentist refers you to have a consultation with the orthodontist, be sure to go to this appointment and have an evaluation. Even if you have had braces before, teeth can shift over time. This is especially true when a tooth is lost or pulled.

A missing space due to tooth loss can start to change your bite and put un-necessary stress on other teeth, which may ultimately lead in the extraction of those teeth with too much un-needed trauma. It is best to take care of a missing tooth as soon as it is extracted. The longer one waits to replace it, the more work and time is needed to correct the bite.

Dental implants are no small investment, but very important in maintaining not only your oral health but also your overall health. Make sure you put your smile in the right hands!

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