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Tooth Sensitivity

28th October 2018, 12:42pm EST

One of the most difficult and painful issues to deal with, tooth sensitivity is an ailment that should be addressed as quickly as possible. Caused by the exposure of dentin (or the part of the tooth that protect the nerve), receding gums, or the loss of enamel, treating this issue is often better left up to the professionals. On the flip side, there are still options for home treatments to help lessen and temporarily reduce painful symptoms. That being said, the following is an overview of the many ways in which this ailment can be treated.

At Home

While home treatments won’t permanently fix your issue, they will help to relieve your pain in between appointments. Firstly, try using a soft-bristle brush. While this won’t exactly relieve any pain, it will certainly help by not aggravating the condition any further. Another option is using a toothpaste made especially for people with sensitive teeth. This provides great relief and actually tends to last over time, if used daily.  However, if you discontinue usage, the sensitivity will return within days. Lastly, be sure to avoid over brushing your teeth so as to keep from aggravating the condition.

In-Office Procedures

One potential treatment is having a fluoride varnish applied to the exposed areas in order to strengthen the dentin. Another option is fluoride foam which is applied using a tray and takes 3-5 minutes for this high concentration formula to work its magic. Lastly, by applying a highly potent bonding agent to troubled areas, this will seal in the dentin and protect the nerve from further damage and exposure.

Overall, tooth sensitivity is a sign of a larger issue. Whether it’s poor dental hygiene, lack of professional care, genetics, or some odd combination of any of these, it’s never too late to get treatment. However, by neglecting this issue, it can get much worse over time. Be sure to schedule an appointment with a trusted professional!

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