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Dental Health

2nd April 2019 EST

Why Should I Floss?

The answer to why you should floss is actually quite simple. Flossing removes the food, plaque and tartar from those…

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19th March 2019 EST

The Use and Handling of Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are a popular household item used regularly for keeping your teeth clean and healthy . Dentists recommend that everyone…

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6th March 2019 EST

Dentist Should Advise Vegetarians on Good Oral Health

A specialized vegetarian diet is a healthy way of life for a lot of people; getting the proper nutrition from…

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27th February 2019 EST

Three Good Reasons to See a Dentist BEFORE Cancer Treatment

You might not have considered seeking dental care when you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. However, there are reasons why you…

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22nd January 2019 EST

Mouth ulcers and treatments for them

Mouth ulcers, also referred to as canker sores, refer small lesions that can develop on the base of gums, on…

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16th January 2019 EST

Dental Milestones You Hit Before Age 30

Most of us have become accustomed to visiting the dentist by the time we’re 30 after having reached some very…

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11th January 2019 EST

Halitosis, or Bad Breath, and How to Avoid it

Types of Halitosis Explained There are two types of bad breath, or halitosis, that a person can have. It may…

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1st January 2019 EST

Bleeding gums and their meaning

If your gums are bleeding, do not ignore the problem! Bleeding gums are a sign of oral health problems that…

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17th December 2018 EST

Common Oral Health Issues With Diabetes

Most people with diabetes realize they need vigilance when it comes to their blood glucose because it affects so many…

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