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Gum Disease

15th April 2020 EST

2 Early Stages of Gum Disease: What to Look For

It’s easy to focus on the appearance of your teeth and neglect your gums. Just because your teeth look healthy,…

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4th September 2019 EST

The Danger of Receding Gum Lines

Did you know much like a receding hairline, you can have a receding gum line? While both are typically symptoms…

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1st January 2019 EST

Bleeding gums and their meaning

If your gums are bleeding, do not ignore the problem! Bleeding gums are a sign of oral health problems that…

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12th August 2018 EST

Treating a Common Gum Condition Could Reduce Risk of Heart Attacks

According to researchers from Aston University, chronic kidney disease patients can reduce their chances of succumbing to heart disease by…

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29th June 2018 EST

Periodontal Disease & Cardiovascular Disease link

Getting regular dental checkups is one of the catalysts in having a beautiful smile and keeping Periodontal Disease at bay,…

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7th May 2018 EST

Understanding Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, refers to the inflammation of gums surrounding your teeth. The condition can damage the soft…

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