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Smiling Therapy: The Wellness Benefits of a Beautiful Smile

12th June 2020, 3:28pm EST

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An imperfect smile can be a hit to your self-esteem.

Having a nice smile allows you to display your happiness and come off as more approachable during important meetings like dates and job interviews. If you’re embarrassed to show off your smile, you might not make the impression you want to. Luckily, there’s a wide array of cosmetic dentistry options available to you!

Smiling can be a therapy that improves our lives in many ways and Dr. Steven Ghim can help you figure out what would improve your smile so you can live a better and more fulfilling life.

Here are some of the effects smiling therapy can have on your life and your body.

Improved Dental Health

Perhaps the most obvious health benefit of having a nice smile, a better smile can also mean better dental health. Having a dental professional take a look at your teeth will not only make your smile more attractive, but improve your overall dental health.

In addition to cosmetic dentistry services, dental professionals can give you a general cleaning and give you advice on how to better care for your teeth. From fluoride treatments to custom made night guards, you’ll have everything you need to maintain your new pearly whites!

Boosts Immune System

Smiling in stressful situations tricks our bodies into relaxing, leading to a lower heart rate and blood pressure. This is because the act of smiling releases the hormone serotonin. In the long-term, smiling relaxes our bodies so much, our bodies become better equipped to handle sickness.

Since one of the best health benefits of smiling is allowing our bodies to better fight off disease, it’s worth your while to fix your smile!

Improves Self-Esteem

You may be wondering why smiling is good for you. When you’re insecure about your smile, your self-esteem suffers. You may be embarrassed and find it hard to meet new people or look them in they eyes.

When your smile is bright and straight, you’ll want to show it off! You’ll no longer feel the need to hide your face in social situations and you may begin to feel better about yourself as a whole.

Better Social Life

People are naturally attracted to happy individuals, and a radiant smile can make you more approachable! People may even begin to notice your happier demeanor and better self-esteem.

When your smile is straight and bright, you’ll want to show it off! You may notice people more at ease around you because you seem friendlier with a smile on your face! You’ll feel people attracted to your beautiful smile.

Additionally, smiles are contagious, so when people see you smile, they’ll want to smile along with you. This is because humans naturally empathize with and experience the feelings of other humans. When you smile, people will likely smile back, contributing to a positive atmosphere and the potential for a deeper bond.

Better Standing at Work

When you smile in the workplace, you become more approachable to your colleagues and this can help you get recognized. It can also help you feel invigorated, allowing you to accomplish more at work. Keep it up, and you could find yourself eligible for a promotion!

Raises Confidence

Confidence often has a lot to do with how we think we’ll be perceived by others. When your smile is radiant, you’ll feel more attractive!

When you smile during job interviews, you’ll seem confident and interviewers will notice. The same thing goes for dates! When you’re smiling at your date, it will make you seem interested, confident, and they may be more at ease with you.

Increases Happiness

It goes without saying that when your self-esteem is high, you’re happier. Just like when you’re able to make friends, you can reap all the benefits of a healthy support system, making you feel loved and appreciated.

Smiling also causes our brains to release dopamine, which elevates our mood. Low levels of serotonin have been linked to depression, which is eased with the release of serotonin, another hormone that is released when we smile!

Additionally, our emotions are linked to our facial expressions, so when you’re smiling, you feel happier!

More Alert During the Day

Because smiling releases dopamine, you may find yourself more alert during the day when you have an easy smile! Dopamine also improves blood flow, which can allow your blood to carry more oxygen to your brain, making your brain perform better during the day.

Likewise, decreased levels of dopamine can make us feel drowsy.

Better Sleep at Night

Though elevated levels of serotonin can make it hard for you to fall asleep at night, it’s still a necessary hormone for you to get a good night’s sleep. In order for your brain to produce melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall asleep, serotonin production is required.

Available Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Having nice teeth will make you want to smile more and cosmetic dentistry can help with that!

You can reap all the benefits of a beautiful smile when you decide which service would help you reach the goal of having the perfect smile. Get the smile you’ve always wanted and no longer feel embarrassed to smile with your teeth. You’ll start to love your reflection and photographs of yourself again.

Improving Your Life With Smiling Therapy

Now that you know some of the health and scientific benefits of smiling therapy, it’s time to decide what Dr. Steven Ghim can do to help you! A brighter smile awaits you!

Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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