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Dr’s Ghim, Coleman and Kerr discuss the importance of teamwork in achieving great cosmetic results.

Dr. Ghim works with world renown dental technician, Naoki Hayashi to achieve world class esthetic results.

We are Charlotte’s premiere office for cosmetic dentistry and smile enhancement. Patients specifically seek out Dr. Ghim for his world class esthetic dentistry.  His cosmetic work has been recognized and published worldwide. With extensive experience from the worlds best esthetic dentists, he is extremely well versed in the most advanced techniques, materials, and porcelain color matching.

How we are different and Our Benefits to You in providing cosmetic dentistry:

  1. We work with a WORLD RENOWN DENTAL TECHNICIAN (See Video Above) that only specializes in the fabrication of cosmetic veneers and crowns.
  2. We NEVER use commercial labs to fabricate our cosmetic work. One world class specialty great result.
  3. All our porcelain veneers and crowns are CUSTOM HAND MADE and CUSTOM COLORED layer by layer. This is unlike machine milled veneers and crowns where color matching is done by ”painting” on the surface to give it color. This technique is routine giving patients the artificial or fake look in their crowns and veneers.
  4. Our EXPERIENCE allows us to offer more conservative approaches.
  5. We always use ADVANCED DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY techniques for smile design and color matching.
  6. We believe in the TEAM APPROACH (working with specialists if necessary) to achieving long lasting and outstanding results.
  7. We have added checkpoints in the process in achieving the final results to ensure the HIGHEST LEVEL OF PREDICTABILITY in patient satisfaction.
  8. We have an EXTENSIVE LIBRARY of our own cases to share that are probably similar to every situation.

Please see our Photobook and TV segments for all of our original work

Esthetic Services Include

  • Laminate Veneers
  • All porcelain anterior crowns
  • Multidisciplinary treatment planning for smile enhancement
  • Implant crowns
  • Esthetic tooth colored bonding
  • Precise color matching to natural teeth for single crowns

Cosmetic Correction Services

  • Front crowns & veneer color mismatch correction
  • Front crown “black line” correction
  • Correction of artificial (fake) looking veneers and crowns
  • Recurrent debonding (falling off) of crowns and veneers
  • Front asymmetry correction

Contact us at (704) 935-2700 for a Cosmetic Consultation

Digital Interactive Treatment Planning

Our Digital Smile Design, Treatment Planning and Porcelain color matching studio is the most advanced in dentistry. Our technology enables patients to have more input into their esthetic work. No other office can provide you with a more interactive treatment planning experience. We welcome you to an esthetic consultation experience that no one can rival.

Dr. Ghim chats Interactive Digital Esthetic Treatment Planning 

Of the 48 reviews, 47 were 5 STAR… Is there really anything else to add? BEST staff ever! Maybe it’s because I had my teeth cleaned for 22 years in the military. All I know is I love my appointment text every 6 months. Thank you for the wonderful experience. For the one bad review, best advice I could offer would be: Brush more often. See you all in 6 months!
John Hlifka
Dr. Ghim has always been very open and honest with me. He breaks things down and does a great job explaining all the in/outs. Dr. Ghim always gives me the “real deal” and I appreciate that. He’s looking to do the best thing for every patient. His staff operates in the same way. A great dentist and a great group of professionals.
James Wilton

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