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Cosmetic Dentists, the Painters and Architects behind your Smile

19th April 2018, 10:26am EST

Cosmetic Dentistry is a marriage between science and art. There are so many different forms of art, ranging from painting, drawing, sculpting, filmmaking, and photography. Artists use their creations to invoke strong emotional responses in viewers, and to express personal thoughts and philosophies.

Painters use different types of materials such as oil based paints or acrylic paints to design their artwork. They apply these materials to different surfaces such as canvas, paper, wood and ceramics to name a few. General dentists can also do cosmetic dentistry, but the best Charlotte cosmetic dentists are also artists, and have a passion to create wonderful works of art, and it shows in their portfolios.

Architecture can also be viewed as an art. Architects use complex calculations of math and science, and have to follow the laws of physics to design a building that is practical and structurally sound. Architects also delve into their artistic and creative side while designing buildings, which can invoke a strong emotional response from anyone setting their sights upon them.

The Taj Mahal in India, St. Peter’s Basilica in Italy, the buildings in the Forbidden City in China, and the Burj Al Arab in the United Emirates all stir up an emotional response when our eyes view these works of art. Architecture is most definitely a marriage between science and art.

Cosmetic dentists, like architects and painters, are also artists. Instead of painting on a canvas, the teeth are the surface that cosmetic dentists use to create their masterpiece. Instead of oil paints, materials such as porcelain are used to fabricate veneers and esthetic crowns. Different grades or types of porcelain are available, and differ in composition. Just like an architect must choose the correct type of material to resist physical stresses on a building and factor in other environmental stresses, a cosmetic dentist also must choose the best material for each person’s unique dentition to withstand the physical forces that our jaws produce.

There are so many variables that a cosmetic dentist must take into consideration while designing a smile that is both esthetic and structurally sound. The position, shape and composition of existing teeth, how the upper and lower jaw occlude, the pressures the teeth exert on each other due to occlusion, and other environmental stresses, such as habits of grinding and clenching are a few of the considerations a cosmetic dentist takes into account.

The skills and experience of the dentist, just like the abilities of and artist or architect, will make the difference between an esthetic and sound smile, and a smile that reminds us of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There are several Charlotte cosmetic dentists who services include cosmetic dentistry, each with their own philosophy and techniques, skills, and portfolio of cosmetic dentistry. Come see why our Charlotte cosmetic dentistry is world renown!

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