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Give Your Child a Bright Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

14th June 2018, 12:31pm EST

Cosmetic dentistry for children is tricky. Certain procedures are best left until permanent teeth have set in. Other times, a cosmetic procedure will improve oral health and allow children to confidently shine a bright, white smile.

How can you tell whether or not cosmetic dentistry is the right choice for your child? Here are three situations when it’s something you need to consider:

Stained Teeth

If your child has permanently stained teeth from candy, soda, or poor brushing habits, whitening it is a good option. A healthy smile will help boost their confidence. Most importantly, teeth whitening doesn’t have any long-term effects on oral development.

Make sure to inquire about a less concentrated solution if your child has sensitive gums.

Chipped Teeth

For children, chipped teeth aren’t always necessary to repair. If there isn’t any nerve damage on a non-permanent tooth, you might be able to wait for a permanent tooth to come in.

If you do opt to fix a chipped teeth, steer away from permanent options, like a veneer. A composite restoration is a good option since it can mold to any shape or size, and won’t interfere with the growth of new teeth.

Crooked Teeth

Braces are the most common cosmetic procedure for children. Beyond cosmetic reasons, crooked teeth can be more susceptible to cavities and disease. Crooked teeth are easier to repair while everything is still growing, so getting braces as a child is always preferable.

Traumatic Damage

During emergencies, veneers and crowns might be your child’s only option. A broken tooth needs to be repaired immediately, especially if there’s nerve damage. In these situations, flexible options like bonding might be an option. If the damage is extensive, however, permanent solutions like artificial teeth or veneers might be necessary.

If you’re on the fence about what’s best for your child, make sure to reach out to your local family dentistry office. We’ll be more than happy to help you choose the best option to make sure your child’s smile is happy, healthy, and bright!

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