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Aesthetic Dentistry

24th February 2018, 10:01pm EST

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is subjective…and every person has their own unique definition of what they consider to be dentally aesthetic. The trend in cosmetic dentistry has shifted over the years. Unnaturally bright white, square-like, “Chiclet” shaped teeth were considered to be beautiful years ago.

Today, many people are seeking a more natural appearance to enhance their own unique features, while steering away from the “fake” cosmetic dentistry look.

Perfection in cosmetic dentistry starts with listening to our patients. Using our state of the art, digitally interactive touch screen table, our patients are able to show us exactly what they would like their smile to look like. Our complimentary cosmetic dental consultations allow time for Dr. Ghim to listen to your expectations, and to share with you his many years of expertise in aesthetic dentistry.

Every cosmetic case is uniquely tailored to each individual, including looking at how the aesthetic dentistry will complement and accentuate each person’s unique facial features, lip form, and complexion.

Aesthetic dentistry can mean a single cosmetic crown or cosmetic veneer. Or it can be multiple cosmetic crowns or cosmetic veneers. One of the most challenging aspects of cosmetic dentistry is color matching one single aesthetic crown or veneer to adjacent teeth…and this is where we really exceed our patient’s expectations. We are passionate about helping patients achieve their “perfect” smile. Cosmetic dentistry is both and art and a science.

Dr. Ghim’s merges his passion for photography and aesthetic dentistry to create “your” perfect smile. Years of experience, attending continuing education in cosmetic dentistry from world renowned lecturers, and utilizing the latest in digital photography has strengthened both the art and science behind Dr. Ghim’s approach to aesthetic dentistry.

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